Upon the 20th anniversary of Selena's passing, the formation of this incredible class of musicians came to be. Right out of New York, NY, a locale known amongst musicians as the "mecca" for professional cover bands, "Genessa & The Selena Experience" was created! Their musical history spans decades and genres but with lead vocalist, Genessa Escobar, she has taken her childhood dreams and memories of Selena and made them come alive on-stage.  Recently "Genessa & The Selena Experience" has appeared on National Television for TELEMUNDO "Un Nuevo Dia,"  local television networks such as; TELEMUNDO NY "Acesso Total," and News 12.  They were featured as the COVER STORY for New York newspaper "NEWSDAY", with a 2 page spread, as well as "TIME OUT NEW YORK MAGAZINE."  

As a young Colombian/American girl, Genessa’s musical influences varied from Gwen Stefani to Mariah Carey.  It wasn’t until the discovery of Selena Quintanilla did Genessa finally see a bit of herself looking back through the television screen.  Her admiration and love of Selena began in the early 90’s and only grew stronger once the Latina Icon was murdered.   Selena’s style, stage presence and music then became a religion for young Genessa.  The foundation was laid and as the years went by, she built upon her musical style.  Genessa has toured the nation as a member of an all-girl pop group named 3rd Faze, she has appeared on American Idol, It's Showtime at the Apollo, fronted many popular New York cover bands, and is featured as background vocalist for UK pop artist, Cheryl Cole's album, "3 Words."

Never in a million years did she expect to be resurrecting her childhood passion through a tribute concert in memory of Selena, but there is no one more prepared or groomed for this position than Genessa Escobar. No where else will you find the visual performance matching the musical elements.  Seeing this band live will transcend you back to a time when the Tejano Superstar was dominating the charts.  

The precision, execution, and professionalism of this Selena Tribute band is unparalleled.  This dynamic and seasoned group of musicians came together under the direction of bass player and band leader, Lenny Rocillo. Having played with Genessa in other projects, Lenny approached her with the opportunity to front this band.  From then on, each musician was specifically hand-picked, and the rest is history.  

This isn't just a live show, it's an "EXPERIENCE!"  With the huge popularity of Selena's last "Live" album, this band has expanded upon that concert and fine tuned an attention-grabbing, memorable, live show that resurrects the legend of Selena and puts the audience face to face with the music and her spirit. 

Keeping the memory alive; the concert continues...